Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year of Projects

I don't make resolutions. They only set you up for disappointment. I am however constantly trying to make myself a better, happier, more productive person. One step to take towards "happier" for me would be to make more art. I have been so lazy the last few months. Not lazy in the sense that I just lay around doing nothing (I could barely stand to do that when I had the stomach flu last week!)--I just haven't been making time for my art...which prevents me from getting better at it. Practice makes perfect and I will work on it. I have so many good ideas for drawings and paintings but I just get so frustrated when the first drawing doesn't work that I kind of give up on it. My perfectionism will be the end of me. "If I can't do it perfectly right away, why bother?" (which is completely ridiculous! I know!) I don't even think I do anything perfectly which goes along very well with the title of my blog. So this year I'm just going to keep on trying everything and working on everything regardless of who is doing it better than me. In fact, I should seek out people who do things better than me and learn from them. That's what smart people do, isn't it?

Another thing that makes me incredibly happy that I've only discovered in recent years is cooking. Reader, look forward to more posts about my crazy kitchen endeavors (i.e some big cheese-making plans)...crazy because almost everything is new to me. Mom got me my own small pressure-canner for Christmas (which I love!) and I look forward to canning whenever I feel like it.

I don't know, I guess we'll just see what the year holds--hopefully more art, reading, school, a beautiful, well producing garden with a pantryful of canned goods, a triathlon in July and possibly a homemade holiday 2... Whatever comes my way in 2009 I hope we all get through it together in good health.

Happy New Year everyone!

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