Monday, December 8, 2008


So, we bottled the vodka yesterday morning--after tasting of course. I thought all of the vodkas tasted pretty nice. The winners were easily the Bloody Mary mix and the Vanilla -nut. an honorable mention goes to Caramel-Apple for being a drink in itself. Citrus is very nice and within the proper drink parameters the pomegranate-basil is very good too (it just tastes so strongly of basil I'm not sure what to do with it--pineapple juice?). Hot Chocolate (nutella with only 1 dried chile which Tony later informs us was a habenero!) is hot. The first taste you get is definately very chocolaty, but then you're slapped in the face/mouth with some serious heat. Katie and I were thinking if you put in in a hot cocoa with a little cream or like, a white russian, maybe the lactose would cool the pepper. Not something I, of the delicate stomach (when it comes to dairy), could put to the test. Sterilizing the Grolsch bottles was a chore. Put an itty bitty bit of bleach in the canning pot, and boiled them for several minutes. Than filled them with the nectar, THEN I had to soak the bottles in hot water for a long time to get the labels off. It all came together though and I'm excited about the finished product.

Thursday morning we are leaving for Vail, Colorado for a nice 5 day vacation with friends. No skiing (no health insurance) but it sounds like Scoie (my friend we're visiting) has some good ideas. Though, she has plans to take Matel and I to a bikram yoga...otherwise known as "hot yoga" similar to hanging out in a sauna, but doing yoga in it. Sounds like something I'd faint doing. We'll see, I'm kind of interested.
Anyway, I chose Devil in the White City to read this week (I think I'll even have some time this weekend in Vail), still have a little to go in Neverwhere which is really really fun to read.

And, tomorrow morning I'm swimming laps, possibly Wednesday morning too. I'm really enjoying it and already see some improvement, so I'm going to keep on with it. Maybe there's a YMCA in Vail I can go swim at some morning. Probably wouldn't get to it even if I wanted to. Anyway, hope to post again before leaving, but maybe not.

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