Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swimming Update

So, my solo swimming session went very well. I was even mistaken by a fellow swimmer for...a fellow swimmer. That, or he was hitting on me. I don't know. What I do know is that so far I swim 2 laps, then kick board across to get my breath back, then swim another 2 laps and so on and so forth. Tuesday I went for nearly an hour. The routine works for now while I'm still getting comfortable with all of it, but at some point in the near future I'll need to develop some sort of training schedule for all of this triathlon bidness.

Presently it's coffee-time at my house. I had planned on getting up this morning and going for a swim,but after spinning twice this week and the fact that today is a 12-hour workday I thought it'd be okay to forgo the chilly walk downtown to the Y and the pre-work shower I hate. Depending on how late I'm stuck working at the bar, I want to get into a morning swim routine. That would require um, ah...oh! Discipline. Working on it.

Almost finished this week's book...not a very impressive one. A reissued 3rd book in a mystery series by Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Christmas . I'm doing double-duty this week and finishing Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere too. I had tried reading Alice Sebold's (author of The Lovely Bones ) new novel Almost Moon but it sucked too much and after reading 100 pages (a fairer assessment than I'd give most authors) and conferring with Gunter I gave up. So that's why I'm so behind in my book a week adventure. I bought a big ol' pile of books at the thrift store and haven't decided on next week's book yet.

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