Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fasten your Swim Caps...Hannah's Learning to Swim!

Not that I'd ever drown--I could always pass for a decent swimmer, I just lack form and proper breathing techniques. That's where my good friend Matel came in. We spent a couple hours last week going over those things and once I understood what it was good swimmers were doing in the pool I felt much more confident that I could do it as well. In fact, the biggest help was merely a pair of goggles. The next day we went to Scheels so I could buy my very own googles and swim cap (which I'm still not sure how to put on...). I spent like, $20 on the goggles because they promise to keep my eyes dry--important since I wear contacts. Both the goggles and the swim cap are TYR. I don't know jack about swimming brands (though my swimsuit is one I've heard of: Speedo--thanks Beca btw) so hopefully the saleslady--they are so nice at Scheels--wasn't feeding me a line when she said TYR was really great. They let you try on the goggles and her tip was, if they stick dry and hold to at least one eye they will work really well for you. Very interesting.
So, since I have these grand plans to participate in the Cornhusker State Games' Women's Triathalon, I figured I'd have to learn to swim correctly. Roughly, it's bike 13 miles, run 3 and swim a 1/2 mile. I'm already comfortable enough to do the biking and running but the swimming portion is definately daunting to me. After figuring out the math (via online calculators) I'll have to be able to swim 33 laps in the pool at my YMCA and still have tons of energy left over for biking and running. It's more than 6 months away (July), so I can do it provided I stay injury-free (hard for me).
Anyway, tonight is my first sojourn into solo lap-swimming. No matter how in-shape I may be (and I like to think I'm pretty in-shape...the wii fit thinks so too), swimming is incredibly hard. I was out of breath pretty quickly. Perhaps though, that is also just my brain feeling over-worked (thinking about stroke, breath and pace all at the same time is exhausting). We'll see how it goes and I'll definately report on it.

As for my vodkas and limoncellos...they are chillin' out in the basement. Anna and I snuck down there to sample them the other night and the "hot chocolate" made me cough uncontrollably so... hm. We'll see.

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Mose said...

As for swimming, good on you! You're built like a female Phelps (in the good sense of that look), so I'm guessing you'll be bringing home the gold within two years of starting your swimming career.

But as for your taste in booze, I'd recommend not imbibing before concocting. Yikes. I don't know, niece o' mine, but those vodka infusions sound, mostly, awful, even though they look pretty. I'm something of an alcoholophile, and the sweet stuff with vodka sounds like the stuff of porcelain-bowl-filling dreck. You know me ... I'm willing to try anything, but the dry, aromatic flavor of vodka goes with the various mints and spices, or salty stuff, but CHOCOLATE? Eeek.

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