Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everybody in the Kitchen Gettin' Tipsy

I am blogging on location at the Zoo Bar! I had thought the wireless connection in our apartment didn't work anymore, and at first it didn't work here at the Zoo but reading the fine print it said "is your wireless switch on?" Wireless switch? What? So I fumble around looking for switches and lo and behold, there is one! I switched it on and now I'm thinking it'll work at home...I feel pretty dumb but I never messed with that switch so I have no idea how it got switched off in the first place.

Sorry, that has nothing to do with my blog but maybe now (provided it works at home) you'll be getting more frequent posts! Anyhow, on with the blog...

Today Katie (aforementioned queen of gift-giving) came over to my apartment and we infused some vodkas. At first I had all these specific vodka flavor ideas but I couldn't find a lot of the ingredients so I didn't really buy anything specific, but I think we had a lot more fun just making up random flavors from what Katie brought and what Tony and I already had in the kitchen. We thought up most of the flavors on the fly, but I'm thinking they're going to be really great since we had to get creative.

The flavors we made this morning:
1. Basil-Pomegranate - Cutting into the pomegranate was a good time because it makes a big red mess, and since I have a giant basil plant we figured we should take advantage of it.

2. Vanilla-nut - Macadamia nuts and vanilla beans (we were thinking creme brulee?)
3. Caramel-Apple-Cinnamon- Katie had the idea to use the caramel candy corns which are very delicious. You just throw those in with some apple wedges (we used pink ladies).
4. Bloody Mary Mix- Jalapenos, garlic, horseradish, red pepper
5. Citrus-Dill - grapefruit, lemon and dill (very experimental)
6. "Hot Chocolate" - here's where we got really weird...nutella and a dried chili pepper (Tony's dad home grew and dried lots of peppers)

So, in two weeks we'll taste them, strain them and bottle them.

In addition we made some infused vinegars to try out (as in tasting and developing some recipes) for future gifts

we used white vinegar and will probably experiment with some different types with different herbs in the future. It seems like something that maybe goes better with meats but we'll see if I can think up a few vegetarian options other than salad dressing.

It's getting to the point where I have customers to serve so I'd better get to it.
Thanks for reading, if I can update at home I'll post about my limoncello tonight.



beca said...

i think the lemon grapefruit dill sounds really good.

shari bee said...

Doug and I made pear vodka a few months ago, in an attempt to use up pears from our tree. It turned out okay...not great, but okay! I'm VERY excited to hear you're making limoncello! One of my good friends turned me onto it after her trip to Italy. I haven't had any since she moved away...