Friday, January 20, 2012

Illustrator Spotlight:Yoko Furusho

One illustrator I wish I were as cool as is Yoko Furusho. I have been doing some independent research on "outsider" artist/illustrator Henry Darger (longer post at a later date) who I am just fascinated with, and came upon the work of Yoko Furusho. I can't stop looking at her amazing art (which humbles me almost to a point of  paralysis). Tony says that's a good thing--that when artists feel that  about another artist, it can inspire them to work harder. Well, consider me inspired Yoko.

For more of Yoko Furusho's awesome art, visit her website here.

What a Year Already!

The December holiday art show went really well! High attendance which translated into good sales for me (thank you friends! I still have some Dancing with Cats t-shirts, and can order more if you are interested). We're only 20 days into 2012 and so much is going on I'm getting really antsy! I have so many projects and plans, this year is going to be huge!!

1. Blog overhaul. I'm going to bring in some big guns and make this blog not look like crap. That's a promise. I'm also hoping to get a website going so I can start building an art portfolio of sorts...these are skills I don't obtain so I'll need some help.
2. Art. Well, right now I am working on a few things. One is a ginormous drawing I want to call "Everyone I know" and try to draw in...yeah, everyone I know. The other art project is making a graphic novel of sorts illustrating a journal my sister-in-law Beca found in our fireplace. Obviously I will keep you updated.
3. Running and races: I am a freak. I have entered 4 races (including a trail 1/2 marathon, and my favorite race ever, the Ni-Bthaska-Ke 12k trail run)  in the next 3 months with plans for a sprint distance triathlon in July and maybe an olympic distance in September. Since it's my blog I'm going to write about my race training sometimes and hope it's somewhat interesting for you.
4. OH yeah, I'm getting married in June. That's a big one. I am not super-stressed about it, we've already got most of the big things done so it's all in the details now (which is what I like--all the creative stuff).
So yeah--big year, big plans! I think it's going to be a great year and I can't wait to spend it with all of you!

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Evening with Gillian Welch

Last night I went to see Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings at the Roccoco Theatre with my family and some friends. The music was, as usual, beautiful and hypnotizing. At one point in the show, Gillian was telling the audience it was Dave's turn to play a song. As he fiddled with his tuning and whispered back and forth with Gillian, people shouted out song names hoping he'd play one. Just before Gillian and Dave began a song, a man from the audience yelled out "Shut the fuck up and let him play a song!" I was startled and then I couldn't stop laughing. It was so something you would yell in your head and, for this guy, it just popped out. These are the times I am happy I possess a moderate degree of impulse control.  That said, I left the concert with a sweet t-shirt and that sense of well-being a really great show will instill in you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And...Dancing With Cats!

I'm not even going to try to explain, but every time I draw one of these I laugh my ass off, so that's pretty fun. Click on the images to make them larger if you like.

Art Show!

I haven't forgotten about my poor neglected blog and all my readers (Mom, Gary). I have been drawing like crazy but have been lazy in the scanning department. Tony and I are having an art show this Sunday (March 20th) at the Zoo Bar from 6-9pm, so we've been busy framing--well, Tony's been busy framing, I was busy cramming for finals. I think the show is eclectic, but really fun! There are over 50 pieces between us and I think we are both proud of the work we've done! Speaking of work, here is a big ol' load of drawings I scanned this week! Enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Charcoal Drawlings

Click on Images for larger View!

First Friday

 So posting a drawing every day is really difficult when you're not on winter break...go figure! My first First Friday show is tonight at Pepe's Veggie Mex Bistro (6220 Havelock Avenue) from 7-9pm. I am pretty excited for the show because I am not only showing my colorful friend pictures, but some charcoal drawings I did during the summer that I am particularly fond of and hope people enjoy. Also, I'm bringing back my 3 favorite hair drawings for one last (second and last) sale attempt and after that they are mine for keeps. After this show tonight, Tony and I have our big spring art show to work on! That show is Sunday March 20th 6-9pm at the Zoo Bar. We will have many framed works (my drawings and Tony's badass prints) for sale. So there's a lot to yet be drawn (photo suggestions are being considered for sure!), and wood to be carved, and frames to be made etc etc boring details...but we really hope to see you there!