Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow...I Guess

Back from Vail! We got home around 9 last night so travel was really pretty easy. We left 2 feet of snow and negative temperatures...came home to even more negative temperatures (golly I forgot about this!) and woke up to more snow. We had such a good time (pictures forthcoming once Tony and I find the USB that hooks his camera to my laptop) but it's really nice to be home. I have a lot of preparation yet to do for Christmas (which also happens to be the next day off I get...ugh). Tonight I plan to finish up the Limoncello and I'll bottle it this weekend. Tomorrow night I'll be baking and finishing my Christmas Cards...who knew I'd be so possessed by the Christmas Spirit? What's next, liking Christmas music!? ...cough...

Wanted to take the Compass test next Monday, but SCC's out so I'll have to jam it in the first week of January and register for classes right away. Oh the hoops they make you jump through! Crossing my fingers that they'll be able to get me into the math class I need.

And finally, after five days of no swimming, biking, running I'm feeling pretty achey (weird that that's what happens when you don't do it) and I'm really anxious to get back in the pool tonight after work. Last week after a half hour of 100 yd sets, I swam 500 breaststroke nonstop. Felt really good and I still had plenty of energy after my hour was up...thinking maybe just maybe in 6 months, Triathlon will be possible.

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