Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Additions

Tonight, while Tony cooked penne pasta with some homemade tomato sauce, I took a pictorial inventory of Christmas additions to our kitchen.
A cast-iron panini grill press. Tony is pretty excited to cook steaks on it, but I actually LOVE panini sandwiches and can't wait to make up lots of fun combinations.

The other awesome new addition is the counter-top bottle opener. It suctions to the counter with a little lever, and the rest is pretty obvious. So easy and also attractive.

Tony also got an assortment of nice knives and a stainless steel mandolin slicer (he already has one, but this one has a julienne function which I look forward to using for an easier time slicing the veggies for my sushi).

I can't wait to play with everything...just need to get to the grocery store!

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