Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Life: Unpacked

Well, things have finally slowed down, and I feel like I have some time to blog again. I haven't stopped any projects, but I've recently being doing nothing but projects. We're in the new house on 19th and Washington--and we LOVE it. It's a really old place with wood floors, big doors and the sweetest landlady we could ask for. Before doing much unpacking, I was determined to get some flowers on the porch: 3 hanging baskets, 1 window box (1 out of 4 done), and a standing just makes me feel happy every morning when I go out to water them.

Below are some pictures of the house...really bad pictures, and we're way behind on unpacking so--look at those huge windows!
We'll get there. At least my flowers are looking good, the herbs are up and the garden is planted--more on that later.

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