Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Rainbow of Chard

Prettiest Google image search = "rainbow chard"

The array of colorful photos that came up was quite pleasing to the eye. Now, what to do with rainbow chard? I'm not entirely sure...I've been adding the stalks to various stirfries, egg concoctions etc. As much as I'm enjoying the chard, I can believe I hadn't familiarized myself with it sooner. I'm going to play with sauteing the leaves tonight. Another foodstuff I'm loving lately is this rice mix I bought while at the Whole Foods store in Omaha:

It's slightly nutty with a really nice texture. I'll be bummed when it's all gone...which is soon.

So, as usual, I'm sorry that my posts aren't frequent but my laptop is "in the shop" for a while and I only have internet access while at work. Soon I'll have it back though, and I'll be back on it.

My composition class is stupid and boring, what did I expect? I'll get through it.

What I'm really excited about though, is my newest art project. "Swarm" is still a plan, but I don't have the space right now to work on it. Currently I've been dutifully turning out what I call my "coaster people." (pen and ink, some watercolor...people I've drawn on the backs of coasters from the bars) I have a date set in stone at the Zoo Bar for my art show: Sunday August 9th. Mark your calendars because I'm going to have about 3,000 of my little friends and I'd love all of you to come see what I've been (and will be doing) manically drawing for weeks now. Pictures soon...I did a Zombie Series I'm pretty proud of.

That's all I've got for now. Things are going really well, I'm happy and having a good time with everything I'm doing (even the apartment shopping Tony and I are doing is fun) and I look forward to sharing it all with you.

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