Monday, August 11, 2008

Tale of the Swatch-Happy Kid

Last night my friends Matel and Robert were nice enough to help me move a bunch of bulky kitchen items (rack, shelves,appliances) over to Tony's to lessen the load later this month. (I'll have you know packing is going really well, can't believe how much stuff I'm getting rid of!) Afterwards the three of us went to Menards (poor T is still on crutches and couldn't really go) to get some paint for the apartment.

It was actually pretty inexpensive thanks to a sale they were having. $14.99 per gallon of semi-gloss. I'd been hemming and hawing over colors for weeks and still wasn't very excited about the ones I'd chosen so Matel and I went through swatches to pick better colors while Robert looked at manlier things.
Top left swatch= "blueberry morning" chosen to be the color for the bedroom and guestroom
Top right swatch="coral bay" will be the living-room color
Bottom left swatch="moose antler" which will be the drawing studio, bathroom and hallway
Bottom right swatch="guacamole" the soon to be color of the kitchen

Am thinking about a job naming color swatches...

I'm sorry this is a pretty uninteresting post, but it's mostly for mom's benefit so she can assure her friend Tim (my landlord) that I am not turning his beige world into "Crazy-Hannah's Magic Candyland" which is pretty much what he's worried about.

Raise your hand if you want to paint! Woo! Hoping to do this before moving in my furniture.

That's all for now.

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