Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moving Project

So, I'm moving into Tony's apartment Sept.1 (which is quickly approaching!), and I think it's okay to post under the premise that this is a project I'm starting. I have only moved one time in my life thus far. From Mom and Dad's to the apartment I've lived in for the past 5 years--the apartment I have love love loved for so long now. You might be asking, "why are you moving out of your beautiful, well-located, cheaply rented apartment Hannah?" Other than the obvious: need for more space (Tony's workshop and dog my huge assorment of stuff/clothes). I can give you 2 reasons I have come up with in the last 18 hours. Indulge me and let me tell you about the night I had last night.

I bartended last night until about 1:30 this morning, got home a little after that. I was reading to fall asleep--suceeded. Around 4:00am I was woken up by a tapping on my window screen. Tap tap tap. I tried to scoot against the far wall and turn off the light (can't believe I fell asleep with it on). Tap tap tap.
I froze.
"Ma'am? Can you see me?" The voice was right outside my window. I about crapped my pants.
"WHAT?" I growled.
"Ma'am, I know you're there, I was just wondering if you wanted some company."
I turned off the light and lay awake for the next 45 minutes horrified and afraid to move because actually, I was home alone.

I wish I could say I slept in-I had set my alarm for 10:30 (much later than I usually sleep anyway), but instead I woke up before 9am to the sounds of a domestic squabble (from a usually quiet couple) across the courtyard. Doors slamming "f**k you, f**ker! Don't come back!" Blah blah blah. So I got dressed, grabbed my mathbooks (studying everyday I'll have you know) and went to the Meadowlark coffee house for a latte and slice of quiche.

There you have it. Two reasons to move out of my neighborhood before breakfast. I've been enjoying packing because I can get rid of a huge amount of stuff at the same time. Simplify is the word. I'm also excited to paint Tony's apartment and see if we can make it a colorful, uncluttered, happy living space. I will continue to update you on the progress we make, and look out for an invite to our house-warming. I'll talk about the garden in a couple days once I've seen where it's at. (Bell peppers are still a no-show! Can you believe it? How rude.)


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Lily said...

That sounds terribly frightening! Good enough reason to move, I'd say. I'm very excited for your new adventure, and for painting! I will attend a painting party if you have one, and of course the housewarming. See you tomorrow!