Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Super Happy Color Time! Wow!

At press time, most of the apartment-painting is finished. It's taken the better part of a week and we've had lots of boxes and things to climb over and around while we did it, but thank goodness it's time to start putting life in order. Thank you to all the friends and family members that have helped and will continue to help. We owe you more beer and pizza. Wednesday night we had the painting help of the three Platte sisters: Lily, Rose and Lovena . Three of the most funny and irreverent people I know. Who knew painting could actually be a good time?
Lily Platte brandishing a guacamole roller.

I got it all over myself.


Rose doing some champion edging

final touches on the kitchen walls

Roller girl!
Today Dad's helping me get the last of my stuff from the old apartment, and tomorrow I *actually* have the day off and my pal Susie is going to help me clean. Woohoo. I. never. want. to. move. again.
With this week being so wacky I haven't had a chance to go check on the garden, but I did see last Friday that the bell peppers are finally appearing. Though, since then the weather's been very very mild and I worry that it won't get hot enough to coax them into growing bigger. We'll see Thursday when I go check on them. Also, I'm worried that I haven't had enough studying hours to take the ACT/COMPASS test on the 3rd like I planned. I'm thinking about just seeing how I do, but I know that if you retake it it's $15 and...well, I'm cheap. So I might add another 2 weeks. We'll see, I'm very stressed about it all right now and it's not making me think clearly.
Til next time,


Lily said...

I had forgotten that you put the swatches on your previous post and was surprised to find that they really do look like the same colors.

beca said...

mmm... guacamole roller...