Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tomayto Tomahto

You know, a lot of people have gotten spooked by this tomato recall and I can't help but think about it in terms of what happens to this fruit while it travels some 2,000 miles or more that it mingles with feces and becomess dangerous to eat? Why are we willing to risk our health to have certain foods year round?

When put this way I really need to take better care of my tomatoes, but time has been a real crunch the last 2 weeks and I haven't even gone to check on them after the rounds of severe weather. Tony assured me that the storms would only make my tomatoes stronger, but I still worry about them. Matel has more than once told me I need to come over, weed, and get my cages up to protect them, which makes me feel like a negligent mother the tomato social services are keeping their eyes on. Also, apparently my green zebra is fruiting! I'm going over tomorrow morning to take care of all my babies--I won't have them taken away! Hopefully Dad is up for bringing the cages...haven't heard back. Oh! The herb garden I've got on my front porch is rocking! The Dill is huge and I've been tossing some basil leaves into my salads! How nice! I think I'm going to have to transplant the basil and the dill--they don't seem to want to share space with the rosemary and chives (neither of which I know what to do if anyone has recipes or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!).

On the tennis front, not a lot is happening as of late. A few weeks ago Dave informed us that the summer schedule will begin and he wasn't sure when we'd be able to have class. This has really been bumming me out and I'm going to call him today and try to get some weeknight worked out for everyone. Lately my weeks have been incredibly active even without tennis...Sundays and Mondays I spin, Tuesdays are ultimate frisbee, Wednesdays and Thursdays I run... I think it'd be nice to get tennis back in there somewhere to keep it fun. I've been trying to enlist friends to practice tennis with me so I don't lose any skills I may have acquired (doubt doubt)and tonight I was going to play doubles with pals Isaiah, his twin Drew and Melody...but Melody canceled this morning and now I don't have a partner. BLAST! So if you read this today and want to be my partner, call me.

It's hard to blog when there's nothing to blog about, but that keeps me in the projects...I find myself setting up games or reading books so that I can write something. Finishing up Animal, Vegetable, Miracle --so good. I think I'm going to order a copy of The 100-mile-diet that Lily suggested. All this reading about local eating makes me feel slightly guilty when I don't. It's just so hard in the midwest. Again though, risking health, taste and jobs is a really high cost I'm not sure I'm willing to pay.

Always hoping it's interesting and informative on some level,

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G√ľnter said...

For vegetarians my understanding is that rosemary's strong flavor makes it kind of hard to use. i.e., you have to put in just the right amount or all of a sudden your food is bitter. I've heard of using stripped rosemary sprigs for skewers while grilling, though I've never done it. Becca McPherson's mom bakes really good bread with it.

I'm sure you'd like this woman's blog. She posted an easy-looking recipe a while back for Rosemary-Roasted Potatoes.