Friday, May 23, 2008


This has been a nutty week. I've been working much more than I'd like to (not actually true I guess since I signed up for the bar-tending shifts voluntarily) and haven't had much time for the internet, which my inbox is reflecting.

I did, however, get a chance to garden. Last weekend mom helped me plant some tomatoes, basil, bell peppers, and squash in Matel's garden. I planted 4 different types of tomatoes: Better Boy, Jet Star, Celebrity and an heirloom Green Zebra just for giggles. I would have liked to plant a better heirloom than that to show mom that they aren't "disgusting." I have been told by lots of people (now that it's in the ground) that the Green Zebra tastes awful but looks cool. Great. I wanted to plant all heirlooms since I've been reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (about her family's efforts to eat completely local for 1 year--the book is really really good so far). She goes into great detail about Monsanto ("Monsatan") and the seed companies which are pushing many breeds of plants into extinction. Mom just wants some damn tomatoes this year and I understand. Next year year I'm doing heirlooms from seeds since I have a couple friends willing to save me a few from their crops.

Another project I'm undertaking this summer is learning to can. Mom is a pro at it and was nice enough to promise some lessons. Tony (my boyfriend) is also interested so that'll be good. A couple that cans together...eats canned food together every winter... ahem. hm.

This weekend I'm headed to Boulder, Colorado with some friends from work and I'm running the Bolder Boulder 10k on Monday. I'm absolutely not running for time- just fun, but wish me luck! I'll get some good pictures up next week!

Happy Holiday!


Lily said...

I'm excited for your garden, Hannah. I haven't looked into it at all, but I read about a book (? maybe just a blog, I have no idea)called the 100 Mile Diet about this couple who bought food made only within 100 miles of their home. Probably similar to Kingsolver's book.

Mose said...

Get to writing, girl! I want to hear more about the tomatoes, now that it's, like, 120 degrees in Nebraska.