Thursday, May 1, 2008

"You're getting a lot better at not sucking so much!" -Rachel Black

Sorry it's been a little while since I last posted. What I thought was seasonal allergies has actually turned out to be some mutant strain of the cold virus that I absolutely cannot shake. I haven't been able to do much but work all week (and even then, it's been rough goin's).

Our lesson last week was really fun. Matel couldn't rouse herself in time, but my good friend Lily came along. She is something of a natural at pretty much everything so it didn't take long before she was swinging at the same level or better than me. However, Dave reaffirmed my belief that I finally understand serving. He said I was "on fire." Yes! Something!
(Lily above)


Halfway through the lesson, Dave called over this young lady, Dominique (probably 10 years old...maybe 12) to hit some balls with us. She was incredibly good, and fast. She was very focused on her form and I actually learned a little something watching her. Says I to Dominique,
"Wow, you're really great!" She shrugs. "No really, how long have you been playing Dominique?"
"Um...since December I think." She never takes her eyes off the balls Dave is continuously hitting at us. No time for small talk for this girl.
I later remark to Dave about Dominique's skill and he replies, "oh, she's been playing a long time." "ACTUALLY DAVE, no. Since December." "Oh, well yeah she's good."

Our friend Rachel Black showed up about the same time the prodigy started playing with us. She came to heckle and take pictures (and to hit on Dave who happened to be the assistant coach at LHS when Rachel played tennis there). This coming Saturday after our lesson she's going to come hit some balls with us at the UNL courts.

Again, most of the pictures turned out slightly blurry...but the tall guy to the right is Dave. One thing I really liked about last week's lesson was that he got us running for balls. That was really fun and helped us to see where different hits come into play. Maybe this week he'll have us hitting to each other? That'd be neat.

On the gardening front, I haven't done much. The weather has been less than inspiring on the weekends. Nice and warm in the middle of the week, rainy and cold on the weekends. Ridiculous and rude of mother nature to say the least. Next week we're going to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a friend's wedding and hopefully by the time we get back the warmth will be here to stay and I can start planting. I know I should have started the lettuces already, but like I said...less than inspired. I'm going to scan my garden plans in sometime this week so you can all see what's going to be growing on this summer and make a few dibs on some of nature's (hopeful) bounty.

Til next time,

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