Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sometimes things don't go as planned

I think it's important to realize that just because you planned something doesn't mean it's going to happen...and if it doesn't happen, you can't just give up on it ever happening. I didn't run last night. Tennis practice came first and we ended around the same time the sun was going down and I don't neccessarily feel comfortable running around my neighborhood in the dark (with good reason).
So, I went to bed early in hopes of getting up around 7 this morning and running then. (HAAAaa, good one). I absolutely can't seem to run when I'm cold but now that it's getting warmer in the mornings, it could be a possibility that I'd get up and run. I wouldn't be worrying about running the 10k if it were here in Lincoln, but since it's up in the mountains I'm a little wary. At any rate, I'm in good shape and I guess I'll just have to squeeze the runs in when I can and not worry about my time. (not that I really do)

Last night's tennis practice was fun. We brought along our friend Kari (above) and Matel (below) had bought another bag of balls this time so we wouldn't have to run around picking up the 6 we had before. Matel thought she ought to show Kari some form

Always step into your forehand with your left foot (unless, of course you're left-handed...or maybe not...maybe you still have to play like you're right-handed? Our instructor Dave does, but he's also a pimp so...*shrug*)
There are so many small things to think about when you're working on your form. Keeping your wrists firm, not scooping or swinging at the ball but rather, moving your feet to get to the ball and follow-through on all hits. Follow-through is hard to remember when you're mid-play but it is very important for control and aim.
All of these things were floating around my head the whole time but I could really only grab one idea at a time to put into practice. Of course, I'm sure that once you get better this all comes very naturally. Already I can differentiate between a good hit and a not so good one, but making them all feel like good hits is tricky. Last night I made some progress in my serve. It's all about where you toss it and waiting for the right moment to swing forward and hit it just so. I think I know where this spot is and I can't wait to practice serving more.

That's where I'm at in the game. We took a lot of photos last night but they were pretty blurry. This was my best action shot, though I'm pretty sure it's bad form to approach a forehand holding the racket with both hands...

My balls are hanging out--how embarrassing.
Saturday we have another lesson. It could be a little hairy considering Matel and I plan on staying out late Friday to see the Bel-Airs at the zoo (9pm $8 cover)... but I'll bring my camera anyway and get some good shots.
Also, this Sunday is my "say no to everyone" day. Where I say no to anyone's plans that are not mine. I'm going to spend the afternoon clearing out the garden and turning it over. Hopefully it's very sunny and I can soak it up.
Til next time,

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Mose said...

Hello niece. You call it tennis ass. I don't know what I should call it because I don't play tennis. In any case, my LEFT butt cheek is in a bit of pain. Couldn't have anything to do with the stupid mileage I've been logging (40-50 a week). Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog. Keep it up!