Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super-Crazy Time!

Summer is winding to a close and it's been a freakishly productive one for an infamous stop start-stopper you all know.

Projects finished thus far:

1. Successfully finished the July 26th (yeah, old news now) triathlon--with a smile on my face!
2. Had first art show since highschool--made a nice pile of cash too, thanks all who came to support me! A friend of mine has a studio in the Haymarket and asked me if I'd like to be her guest artist in their January invitational nervous about it but I think I'm going to say yes. I'm learning that all it takes for me to get my ass in gear is a deadline.
3. Jumped through all the school hoops and have registered for 13.5 credit hours this October. I'm taking Sociology, Anthropology and Women's Lit...I think it'll be O.K.
4. Learned to water-ski. A proud moment for sure--thank god there are no pictures to accompany this particular summer accomplishment...
5. Have grown/am growing a successful tomato crop thus far with Tony's help (we put them in late this year so we're biting our nails and waiting for those suckers to ripen)...loving the "orange oxheart" and "super-sweet cherry tomatoes" already--so good. The Brandywines should be ripening any day now.

Aside from deadlines, I've just decided this is a good year to kick some ass and I'm really striving for more balance. Making a lot of art has made me so happy, and mixing up my athletic routine with some tennis and volleyball has been very valuable to maintaining my sanity.

Anyway, I just thought I ought to update so my blog "project" can be number 6 on my summer list. Look forward to garden bounty photos and pics of my upcoming (solo) visit to Colorado to see my friend Katy.

Take care and have fun before summer's over!

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